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Figure 2

From: Nucleotide and phylogenetic analyses of the Chlamydia trachomatis ompA gene indicates it is a hotspot for mutation

Figure 2

Schematic representation of the loci under investigation. The following eight regions were used in the study and are designated by their gene number and name: CT676 (hypothetical gene), CT680 (rs2), CT680-1 (intergenic region), CT681 (ompA), CT681-2 (intergenic region), CT682 (5' end; pbpB), CT682 (middle; pbpB), and CT687 (yfhO2). The arrows in the map represent the gene size and distance relative to each other; the boxes under the arrows represent the regions that were sequenced (black boxes are coding regions and open boxes are intergenic regions). Specific details on nucleotide region sizes and distances are in Table 1.

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