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Table 1 Main menus and subsections of the survivor and partner section of the website

From: Design and process evaluation of an informative website tailored to breast cancer survivors’ and intimate partners’ post-treatment care needs

Survivor section Partner section
Breast cancer Breast cancer
 What is breast cancer  What is breast cancer
 Research  Research
 Treatment  Treatment
 After treatment  After treatment
Physical consequences My complaints
 Fatigue  Overcome by emotions
 Pain  Changes in the relationship
 Hot flashes  Needing time for oneself
 Sleeping problems Help guide
 Sexual complaints  Telephone
 Concentration loss  E-mail
 Weight gain  Open houses
 Weakness / stiffness  Caregivers
 Lymphedema  Internet forums
 Breast symptoms Understanding my partner
Psychological consequences  Fatigue
 Fear of the future  Pain
 Difficulties coping  Hot flashes
 Feeling un-comprehended  Sleeping problems
 Negative body image  Sexual complaints
Social consequences  Concentration loss
 Relationship with partner  Weight gain
 Starting a new relationship  Weakness / stiffness
 Relationship with children  Lymphedema
 Relationship with friends/family  Breast symptoms
 Relationship with colleagues  Fear of the future
Work and financial  Difficulties coping
 Return to work  Feeling un-comprehended
 Financial help  Negative body image
 Insurance  Return to work
 Social services Supporting my partner
Life style  Powerless and insecure
 Stop smoking  Being a good listener
 Sunbath safely  Supporting and not patronizing
 Exercise sufficiently  
 Eat healthy  
 A healthy weight  
 Limit the use of alcohol  
Help guide  
 Open houses  
 Support groups  
 Internet forums