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Table 3 Reasons endorsed by reluctant responders regarding why they elected to participate during Phase 2

From: Prospective evaluation of direct approach with a tablet device as a strategy to enhance survey study participant response rate

Factors Influencing Study Participation Participants Selecting Item N (%)
Being approached/invited in person was important 21 (81)
Ability to immediately access the survey was important 16 (62)
The novelty of completing the survey using the iPad 14 (54)
The fact that internet access was not required 3 (12)
I tend to delete any email that invites survey study participation 7 (27)
  1. Description: Of the 27 reluctant responders who completed the survey during Phase 2, 26 answered the question, “Indicate which factors influenced you to participate in this survey study now compared to when you were previously invited to participate by email”. More than one response could be selected.