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Table 2 Knowledge, practice and perceived importance of breast self-examination in 120 women in Buea, Cameroon

From: Breast Self-Examination and breast cancer awareness in women in developing countries: a survey of women in Buea, Cameroon

Knowledge/Practice Response Frequency %
Ever heard about BSE    
  Yes 89 74.17
  No 31 25.83
Know how to perform BSE    
  Yes 71 59.17
  No 49 40.83
Frequency of BSE    
  Monthly 42 35.00
  Every 6 months 15 12.5
  Yearly 15 12.5
  Never 48 40.00
Overall Awareness on BSE*    
  Not aware 31 25.83
  Partially aware 47 39.17
  Substantially aware 42 35.00
Impression on importance of BSE    
  Important 114 95
  Not important 6 5
  1. * Not aware: never heard of BSE, had absolutely no idea on how to perform it and never practiced it; partially aware: heard of BSE, had slight idea on how to perform it but did not practice it often; substantially aware: heard of BSE, knew how to perform it and practiced it often.