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Table 5 Assignment of Transcription Factors to robust modules

From: An Always Correlated gene expression landscape for ovine skeletal muscle, lessons learnt from comparison with an “equivalent” bovine landscape

Module TFs in a module in the AC and identified by “Module-to-Regulator” analysis TFs in a module in the AC landscape only Top 10 TFs identified by the “Module-to-Regulator” analysis only1
Muscle none none KLF9, COPS5, HIF1AN, PREB, TCF7L2, SMARCA1, SMARCAD1, CHD1, CSDA, MEOX2 [23]
Mitochondrial COPS5 [25] none SMARCAD1, CHD1, TCF7L2, HIF1AN2, SMARCA1, BPTF, PREB, MEOX2, YBX1 [26]
Ribosomal none none BTF3, GTF2H5, CAMTA1, ZHX1, YY1 [29], BMI1, NR3C1, SUB1, ZBTB1, RBL2
Regulation of ubiquitin–protein ligase activity BPTF SUZ12 TCEB1, TAF9, COPS5 [30], SMAD5, SOX4 [31], JMJD1C, TCF4 [32], SMARCE1, NCOA1
Translation BTF3 none YBX1, TAF10, PHB2, ASH1L, TULP4, TBX3, RBM39, MLL3, RBL2
  1. 1 In descending order of strength of absolute average correlation coefficient. References providing experimental evidence supporting our computational output are provided.
  2. 2TFs also identified in the presumed equivalent module in the bovine AC landscape are in bold.