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Table 1 Characteristics of the COPD patient sample

From: Which chronic obstructive pulmonary disease care recommendations have low implementation and why? A pilot study

Sample characteristics Value
Females, (%) 5 (33%)
Age, mean(SD) 75.8 (9.0) years
FEV1% 58.2 (15.2)%
COPD severity (GOLD criteria1)  
 Moderate 7 (47%)
 Severe 8 (53%)
Living arrangements  
 Lives alone 7
 Lives with partner 6
 Lives with dependents (sole carer) 1
 Lives in aged care facility 1
Current smokers 3
Home oxygen in use 2
Previously seen by a respiratory physician 6
Use of home support services  
No assistance other than spouse/relatives 9
 Domestic assistance 4
 Self-care assistance 2
Number of admissions for COPD last year, mean(SD) 2.5 (1.5)
Length of stay this admission, mean(SD) 6.7 (5.7) days
Acute hospital bed days in the last 3 years, median (25th -75th centile) 15 (7–27.5) days
Interventions during current admission  
 COPD coordinator* 9/15 patients
 Physiotherapist 12/15
 Occupational therapist 2/15
 Admission to intensive care unit 1/15
 New referral to respiratory physician 2/15
  1. SD, standard deviation.
  2. * In this facility the COPD co-ordinator was a senior respiratory nurse, whose responsibility was to assist the medical teams to provide co-ordinated care for COPD patients.
  3. For bi-level positive pressure ventilation and cardioversion.