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Table 2 Implementation of COPD guidelines at the time of hospital admission

From: Which chronic obstructive pulmonary disease care recommendations have low implementation and why? A pilot study

  Was recommendation met? Compliance with recommendation (%) Strategies used (frequency) Involved staff members (frequency)
Smoking cessation Yes in 2 of 3 current smokers 67% Encouraged use of quit line (2) COPD-c (2)
Prescribed transdermal nicotine patches (1) medical (1)
Pulmonary rehab referral Yes in 5 of 15 33% Discussed with patient in 9/15 cases (60%) COPD-c (8)
medical (1)
Flu vaccination Yes in 14 of 15 93% Confirmed already completed by GP in 12/13 cases. medical and COPD-c (14)
Discussed with 1 patient who had not previously received it. Not discussed in one patient
Medication Yes in 15 of 15 100% Prescribed medications checked by pharmacist (15) pharmacy medical and COPD-c (13)
Inhaled tiotropium added if not previously prescribed with (2 of 2 cases).
Reported non-use of spacer device with MDI in 6 cases (reported use in 5 cases, not required (2), unknown (2)
Long term home oxygen if hypoxaemic Yes in 5 of 5 cases 100% Currently in place (2) medical (5)
    Investigated by medical staff on wards this admission, for follow-up when patient stable (2)  
    Investigation planned to follow in outpatients (1)  
  1. COPD-c = COPD co-ordinator; MDI = metered dose inhaler.