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Table 3 Frequency of patient- reported barriers and enablers to participation in pulmonary rehabilitation and exercise

From: Which chronic obstructive pulmonary disease care recommendations have low implementation and why? A pilot study

Theme   Frequency of reporting(from total participants n = 15)
   <25% (up to 2 participants) 25-49% (3–7 participants)
Pulmonary rehabilitation Barriers Too exhausting (2/15) Lack of awareness (3/15)
I don’t need it (2/15) Difficulty with access (5/15) (i.e. nuisance to get there, inflexible timing, transport)
Managing co-morbidities (2/15)
Interruption due to ill health (1/15)
Competing responsibilities (1/15)
  Facilitators Belief in health consequences (1/15) Social influence (3/15) (peers, family and health professionals)
Enjoyment (1/15)
Learned new skills (1/15)
Exercise Barriers I don’t need it (1/15) Managing comorbidities (7/15)
Access (1/15)
Interruption due to ill health (1/15)
Social influence (1/15)
  Facilitators Belief in own capabilities to exercise (2/15) Belief in positive health consequences (5/15)
    Social influence (3/15)
   Enjoyment (1/15)  
   Flexible timing (1/15)  
   Already linked to this network (2/15) Motivated/determined to do it (6/15)
   Has the necessary equipment (1/15)  
   Has transport (1/15)  
   Good weather (2/15)  
   Low cost (1/15)