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Figure 6

From: Identification and characterization of a salt stress-inducible zinc finger protein from Festuca arundinacea

Figure 6

Gene expression analysis of FaZnF and P5CS after exposure to different abiotic stresses. Total RNA was extracted from the aerial portions of control plants (untreated and watered normally), from plants that had been subjected to different stresses for the indicated time periods, and from plants at specific time points after exposure to indicated stress (Salt: 500 mM NaCl; PEG: 12.87% PEG 6000; Heat: 40°C; UV: time after 5 min exposure to short-wave ultraviolet light; Wilting (Drought): no water for 24 or 48 hr; Wounding: 12 hr after mechanically wounded 3-5 times perpendicularly across the leaves; Cold: 4°C for 24 hr. Ten μg of total RNA from each treatment was separated on a denaturing (formaldehyde) agarose gel. Equal loading was confirmed by visualization of the rRNA bands with ethidium bromide before (gel) and after transfer to the nylon membrane (blot). The RNA blots were hybridized with DIG-labeled DNA probes for ZNF1 and P5CS genes.

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