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Figure 3

From: In silico approach to predict candidate R proteins and to define their domain architecture

Figure 3

Edwards Venn diagram in which proteins are grouped according to their interpro-scan profile. The edge colors represent the five domains [LRR, Kinase, NBS, Other (OthR) and TIR] reported in legend. The group’s intersections showed all possible domain combinations. The colour filling intensity indicated the affinity of a determinate group to exert a resistance function. Stronger colours showed a high probability to exert only a resistance function; Purple red has been used for the CNL and TNL families. The families that could exert a resistance function, but have been not yet described in the literature, were brown coloured. Green and yellow colours have been used for families that need further analysis to validate their putative resistance function. Grey areas showed classes not found in our dataset. Numbers indicated proteins belonging to a specific group. Arrows were used to highlight the analyses performed for a given group in order to select further R-protein candidates.

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