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Table 4 Candidate R genes showing a transposon insertion

From: In silico approach to predict candidate R proteins and to define their domain architecture

Gene Name Species Class or domain
Os.25268 Oryza sativa CNL-WRKY
Os.53813 Oryza sativa CNL
Os.78767 Oryza sativa Ser/thr
Os.79795 Oryza sativa CNL
Os.79928 Oryza sativa RLP
Os.79975 Oryza sativa LRR
Os.83660 Oryza sativa RLP
Pth.15498 Populus trichocarpa NBS
Pth.16071 Populus trichocarpa TNL-TIR
Pth.16077 Populus trichocarpa TNL-TIR
Pth.8196 Populus trichocarpa TNL
  1. Sequences are divided according to species and resistance classes. Gene names correspond to UniGene Id.