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Figure 3

From: A molecular analysis of desiccation tolerance mechanisms in the anhydrobiotic nematode Panagrolaimus superbus using expressed sequenced tags

Figure 3

(a)-Venn diagram indicating the number of unigene families that contain representatives from one or more anhydrobiotic nematodes: Panagrolaimus superbus, Plectus murrayi, Ditylenchus africanus, Aphelenchus avenae. The total dataset comprises 7,063 families 67 of which have representative ESTs from all four nematode species. The values in parentheses represent the percentage of the total number of families represented in each section. (b)-Venn diagram showing the distribution of homologs of the P. superbus putative stress response genes from Table 4 across four anhydrobiotic nematode species. The values represent the number of P. superbus unigenes that have BLAST hits to sequences from one or more of the nematodes Plectus murrayi, Ditylenchus africanus, Aphelenchus avenae. The numbers in parentheses correspond to the number of families (see Methods) these unigenes constitute.

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