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Table 2 Conversations regarding treatment*

From: Cancer patients on Twitter: a novel patient community on social media

Conversation 1 (psychological encouragement) user18 I cleared the blood test ♪ but because of a concerning observation above my collarbone (I have had it for 3 years) that I feel has gotten a bit bigger, I had to take an echo test. (>_<)
  user17 Glad to hear that you cleared the test!
  user18 Dear (user17), thank you ♪, now the echo test… Wish me luck(^^)
Conversation 2 (psychological encouragement) user14 Dear (user16), thank you. The medication was effective and I was able to confirm the shrunken CT image. So I think I am ready for chemotherapy. (^O^)/
  user16 Once it turns out to be effective, we feel we'll be able to take it further. Let's do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Conversation 3 (psychological encouragement) user16 You don't have to try hard. Just keep yourself in good physical condition for now, so you're ready for the operation next year.After completing treatment, you can come back.
  user16 Dear (user15), keep it up.
  user15 Dear (user16), good morning. (*-*)o ♪ I took a day off from work today.~(¯¯;)
  user15 Thank you. (^-^)v I will just take a day off to relax and refresh myself. (*-*)o
  user16 Be careful not to catch a cold.
  user15 Dear (user16), thank you for your kindness as usual. (*´`*)
Conversation 4 (report on hospital visit) user16 Dear (user12), be careful when you visit the hospital.
  user12 Thank you. I am off to the hospital. (*^o^*)
Conversation 5 (conversation regarding physical constitution) user19 Good morning!! I still have some pain 1 week after the operation. Strangely, my left arm which I broke some years ago hurts. Why?
  user16 Because the weather is terrible today, my scar hurts, too.
  user19 Hi sister, good morning! Well, you, too! It's my first time to experience an old wound hurting.Having various pains here and there is confusing (laughing), ha-ha.
  user16 It also hurts just before it starts to rain. Because I have keloid diathesis and my wound is rather wide and mounted, with adhesion, it really hurts when I have intestinal movements. It is really painful when I have diarrhea, but now I am used to it.
  user17 Dear (user19), good morning (^_^). My cut wound from a year ago has been hurting me since yesterday. Although I can bear the pain if I just moan, apparently there are many people who feel pain from old wounds when the weather gets cold. I hate it. Let's keep ourselves warm.
  user19 Dear (user17), good morning. Wow, you, too, dear (user17)! I guess the cold weather does have an effect, after all. Let's keep ourselves warm so that we can heal, everybody. Keep it up today, too.
Conversation 6 (report on hospital visit) user11 Dear (user16), good evening. Here is your aunt to talk about nice things. (Laughing) It's nice. I feel like drinking tonight… but I will have a gynecological exam tomorrow for the first time in 6 months. Because they will collect my blood as well, I will leave that until tomorrow so I have something to look forward to. d(-)
  user16 Don't miss it.
  user11 I will meet with my favorite attending physician for the first time in 6 months. I'm really looking forward to it. d(-)!
  user16 Me, too. With CT and check-up, there will be two hospital visits this month.
  user11 Just like this year's year-end tax adjustment? For both of us… I will have a gynecological exam tomorrow, too, and the year-end lymph care adjustment the day after tomorrow.(laughing)
Conversation 7 (report on hospital visit) user11 Dear (user16), good morning. Today is the last lymph care of the year ♪ I am wearing order-made new stockings and feeling great, ready to leave for the doctor's office. d(-)!
  user16 Have a nice day.
Conversation 8 (report on hospital visit) user16 Dearest (user22), good luck with your bone scintigraphy, RT @(user22): Good morning, everybody, today is the day for the bone scintigraphy~~ .
Conversation 9 (psychological encouragement) user7 Dearest , good morning (^_^)/I totally understand your feelings. Me too, when I was receiving radiotherapy treatment, I really felt depressed whenever I went down the steps, because I felt like I was being told every time "cancer patients are this way?"
Conversation 10 (advice on treatment) user17 Dearest (user21), good morning. You are now being treated with Xeroda. It's been just a few days, right? Sorry if I am wrong but it may take some time for the drug to take effect.
  user21 Dear (user17), good morning! Oh, Xeroda. Well, if left for 2-and-a-half months without chemotherapy, that seems rational. (´;ω;`) Internal medicine apparently works slowly.(´;ω;`) It will take time, too. (´;ω;`)
  1. *Japanese conversations were translated into English.