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Table 3 Example quotes for qualitative themes

From: Adherence to isoniazid preventive therapy in Indonesian children: A quantitative and qualitative investigation

Theme Respondent type Respondent characteristics Quote
Access Good adherence Mother 30 yrs Even though I have to buy it (medication) myself, it won't cost me too much because the medicine alone is 20,000 Rp It doesn't cost much.... the fare costs more than the medicine.
Medication-related barriers Good adherence Mother 30 yrs It doesn't happen with my kid. Whenever I tell her to take the medicine she does. But I don't know if I only gave her the powder without mixing it so she doesn't taste the bitterness. I worry she wouldn't take it if she knows it was bitter
  Poor adherence Mother 32 yrs He became whiny, must be held by two people. I held him and my sister pushed medicine into his mouth.
Disease and health service experience Good adherence Mother 30 yrs I also felt the benefits of the therapy.... I had constant coughing for 2 months and then it stopped after medication
  Poor adherence Mother 30 yrs Because I was afraid she's (nurse) going to be angry with me. I was afraid she would think I didn't prioritize it.
  Poor adherence Mother 41 yrs The nurses there didn't tell (the child's) parents that the therapy must be done for 6 months. (The child's) father assumed due to a negative result (TST) the therapy didn't need to be continued
Knowledge and beliefs Good adherence Mother 26 yrs I just wanted (my child) to start therapy immediately because I wanted (my child) to be healthy quickly... So I can stop being worried that something bad would happen to (my child) because there's already preventive medication so I feel secure
  Poor adherence Mother 42 yrs I didn't have much time, I had to go here and there... I wasn't concentrating on that (IPT) because I thought (the child) was healthy anyway