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Table 2 Cancer associated pathway analysis.

From: Identification of unique expression signatures and therapeutic targets in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Pathway T vs. N T vs. NB T vs. ND NB vs. ND
Role of BRCA1 in DNA Damage Response 6.99E-07↑ 4.75E-01 3.05E-09↑ 2.09E-06↑
C2M DNA Damage Checkpoint Regulation 1.03E-03↑ 3.53E-01 7.46E-04↑ 8.07E-06↑
p53 Signaling 1.50E-02 5.85E-02 1.77E-04↑ 5.11E-06↑
G1/S Checkpoint Regulation 2.94E-02 - 4.22E-02 1.47E-03↑
PPAR signaling 6.41E-02 1.33E-01 1.78E-02 1.03E-03↓
EGF Signaling - 1.49E-02 3.94E-01 1.49E-01
p38 MARK Signaling 1.77E-01 1.69E-01 1.74E-01 1.01E-01
PDGF Signaling 2.11E-01 7.20E-03↑ 8.31E-02 7.56E-02
NF-kB Signaling 2.13E-01 6.61E-02 3.03E-01 3.35E-02
ERK/MAPK Signaling - 3.22E-01 6.64E-02 5.20E-01
VEGF Signaling - - 3.15E-01 1.71E-01
IGF-1 Signaling - - 3.83E-01 1.28E-01
TGF-β Signaling - - 5.00E-01 5.09E-01
cAMP-mediated Signaling - - - 4.21E-01
FGF Signaling - 4.70E-01 - 3.62E-01
  1. p-value comparison on cancer associated pathway
  2. - represent no p value showed on the IPA Canonical pathways analysis.