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Table 3 Predicted microRNAs targeting rat GABA receptor subunits by TargetScan and miRanda

From: Computational prediction of MicroRNAs targeting GABA receptors and experimental verification of miR-181, miR-216 and miR-203 targets in GABA-A receptor

GABA receptor subunits Entrez Gene symbol Lengths of 3'-UTR in TargetScan (v5.2) Conserved microRNAs targeting to GABA receptors predicted by TargetScan (v5.2) Lengths of 3'-UTR in miRanda Conserved microRNAs targeting to GABA receptors predicted by miRanda
α1 GABRA1 2017 miR-208/208ab, 2018 miR-129 (2), miR-130b, miR-136, miR-137, miR-148b-3p,
    miR-499/499-5p, miR-181,   miR-150, miR-152, miR-181a (2) bc (3) d, miR-182,
    miR-216/216a, miR-137,   miR-186, miR-203 (2), miR-210, miR-216a, miR-26ab,
    miR-203   miR-30acde, miR-30b-5p, miR-320, miR-340-5p, miR-361,
      miR-374, miR-375, miR-376c, miR-377, miR-384-5p,
      miR-410, miR-433, miR-488 (2), miR-539, miR-874
α2 GABRA2 747 0 NA NA
α3 GABRA3 0 0 NA NA
α4 GABRA4 7478 0 88 miR-186, miR-200bc, miR-203, miR-429, miR-495
α5 GABRA5 586 0 880 miR-124, miR-132, miR-133ab, miR-195, miR-212, miR-223,
      miR-30acde, miR-30b-5p, miR-322, miR-346, miR-376c,
      miR-378, miR-384-5p, miR-494 (2), miR-495, miR-539
α6 GABRA6 809 miR-128, miR-27ab, NA N/A
β1 GABRB1 407 miR-30a/30a-5p/30b/30b-5p/ 428 miR-103, miR-107, miR-128, miR-143, miR-148b-3p,
    30/384-5p (2), miR-103/107   miR-152, miR-30a (2) c (2) d (2) e (2), miR-30b-5p (2),
      miR-384-5p (2), miR-411
β2 GABRB2 5618 miR-203,miR-135, miR-218, 499 miR-128, miR-199a-5p, miR-203, miR-33, miR-411, miR-485
    miR-21/590-5p, miR-10,   
    miR-101, miR-19, miR-144,   
    miR-9 (2), miR-455/455-5p,   
β3 GABRB3 4060 miR-26ab/1297, miR-204/211, 508 miR-122, miR-186, miR-199a-5p, miR-204, miR-210, miR-211,
    miR-23ab, miR-27ab, miR-218   miR-23ab, miR-26ab, miR-320, miR-324-5p, miR-329,
      miR-381, miR-539
γ1 GABRG1 3428 0 240 miR-203, miR-218, miR-379, miR-410, miR-455, miR-488
γ2 GABRG2 2106 miR-150, miR-103/107 NA N/A
γ3 GABRG3 96 0 114 miR-15b, miR-16, miR-195, miR-26ab, miR-322, miR-497
π GABRP 1178 0 NA N/A
δ GABRD 433 0 393 miR-145, miR-19ab, miR-24, miR-328, miR-365
ε GABRE 1485 miR-22 NA N/A
θ GABRQ 80 0 NA N/A
ρ1 GABRR1 464 0 NA N/A
ρ2 GABRR2 113 0 191 0
ρ3 GABRR3 N/A N/A 271 miR-191
  1. The conserved microRNAs targeting GABA receptors are predicted by Targetscan 5.2 and miRanda software ( The number in parenthesis is the number of the binding sites and none means one binding site. N/A means no information is available in TargetScan or miRanda