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Table 1 Effects of different isolation methods on the percentage of PMN or monocytes expressing mCD14 in different species

From: The influence of different anticoagulants and sample preparation methods on measurement of mCD14 on bovine monocytes and polymorphonuclear neutrophil leukocytes

Source Percentage of PMN expressing mCD14 Percentage of monocytes expressing mCD14 Method Authors
Human ND 90 Whole blood [18]
Goat 47.2 2.60 Isolated cells [19]
Ilama 45.23 13.58 Isolated cells [19]
Rabbit 34.63 4.24 Whole blood [19]
Bovine 40-95 60-95 Whole blood [20]
Bovine 35.6 ND Isolated cells [21]
  1. ND: Not determined