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Table 1 Quality Outcomes Framework read codes used for diagnosis by General Practitioners

From: The health informatics cohort enhancement project (HICE): using routinely collected primary care data to identify people with a lifetime diagnosis of psychotic disorder

QOF read code Diagnosis
E10% Schizophrenic disorders
E110% Manic disorder, single episode
E111% Recurrent manic episodes
E1124 Single major depressive episode, severe, with psychotic disorders
E1134 Recurrent major depressive episodes, severe, with psychotic disorders
E114% Bipolar affective disorder, currently manic
E115% Bipolar affective disorder, currently depressed
E116% Mixed bipolar affective disorder
E117% Unspecified bipolar affective disorder
E11y. Other and unspecified manic-depressive psychoses
E11y0 Unspecified manic-depressive psychoses
E11y1 Atypical manic disorder
E11y3 Other mixed manic-depressive psychoses
E11yz Other and unspecified manic-depressive psychoses NOS
E11z. Other and unspecified affective psychoses
E11z0 Unspecified affective psychoses NOS
E11zz Other affective psychotic disorders NOS
E12% Paranoid states
E13.. Other nonorganic psychoses
E130. Reactive depressive psychotic disorders
E131. Acute hysterical psychotic disorders
E132. Reactive confusion
E133. Acute paranoid reaction
E134. Psychogenic paranoid psychotic disorders
E13y. Other reactive psychoses
E13y0 Psychogenic stupor
E13y1 Brief reactive psychotic disorders
E13yz Other reactive psychoses NOS
E13z. Nonorganic psychotic disorders NOS
E2122 Schizotypal personality
Eu2% [X]Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders
Eu30% [X]Manic episode
Eu31% [X]Bipolar affective disorder
Eu323 Severe depressive episode with psychotic symptoms
Eu333 [X] Recurrent depressive disorder, current episode severe with psychotic symptoms
  1. [X] = External causes of morbidity and mortality
  2. NOS Not Otherwise Specified