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Table 1 Overview of genes differentially expressed between lower (mandibular) incisor and molar

From: Molars and incisors: show your microarray IDs

A Genes Fold change P-value Known in teeth Known as differentially expressed References
Enriched in molars Barx1 8.60 3.47E-09 Yes Yes [42]
C1qtnf3 7.30 4.37E-08 No No  
Adcy8 5.75 2.76E-08 No No  
Cntn6 4.91 2.94E-07 No No  
Six2 4.82 4.84E-08 Yes Yes [43]
Tcfap2b 4.31 1.88E-05 No No  
Odz1 4.24 5.02E-09 No No  
Vstm2a 4.09 7.28E-08 No No  
Nptx1 4.06 1.21E-05 No No  
Has2 3.94 1.66E-09 No No  
Enriched in incisors Irx4 -5.31 1.92E-07 No No  
Cacna2d3 -5.66 2.55E-08 No No  
Mcpt2 -6.39 2.90E-08 No No  
Isl1 -6.44 3.53E-08 Yes Yes [29]
Alx3 -8.36 6.59E-12 No No  
Pax3 -11.72 1.68E-13 Yes No [45]
Sfrp4 -12.38 9.88E-10 No No  
Hand2 -13.20 6.89E-14 Yes Yes [44]
Alx1 -15.95 1.35E-10 No No  
Hpse2 -27.41 2.23E-11 No No  
Enriched in molars Lhx6 3.69 8.95E-08 Yes Yes [46]
Sfrp1 3.56 7.94E-06 Yes No [47]
Smoc2 3.28 3.28E-08 Yes Yes [41]
Shox2 2.85 1.08E-08 Yes No [48]
Dlx1 2.81 4.49E-11 Yes Yes [17]
Fgf12 2.22 3.32E-06 Yes No [49]
Sfrp2 2.16 4.40E-11 No No  
Dbx2 1.97 8.51E-06 Yes No [50]
Six4 1.95 8.05E-07 Yes Yes [43]
Six1 1.83 8.69E-06 Yes Yes [43]
Lhx8 1.64 2.87E-06 Yes No [51]
Bmpr1a 1.36 7.12E-07 Yes No [52]
Mapk1 1.30 3.20E-06 Yes No [53]
Enriched in incisors Gas1 -1.25 6.93E-06 Yes No [54]
Hoxa2 -1.41 9.43E-07 Yes No [26]
Tlx2 -1.47 7 .35E-07 No No  
Irx6 -1.58 3.09E-08 No No  
Gdf6 -2.00 4.01E-06 Yes No [55]
Aqp1 -2.16 9.51E-08 Yes No [56]
Amtn -2.28 1.65E-08 Yes Yes [57]
Prtg -2.3 9.93E-07 Yes No [58]
Slitrk6 -2.37 2.60E-07 Yes No [59]
Wnt5a -2.38 1.38E-05 Yes No [60]
Hand1 -2.55 4.01E-06 Yes Yes [28]
Prkcq -2.75 7.17E-07 Yes No [61]
Tlx1 -2.84 6.05E-08 Yes No [62]
Bmp5 -3.20 3.00E-08 No No  
Cyp26c1 -4.05 3.10E-09 Yes No [63]
Nts -4.43 9.56E-10 Yes No [64]
Irx4 -5.31 1.92E-07 No No  
  1. The table is subdivided in two sections highlighting: (A) The "top ten" genes showing the highest degree of enrichment in incisor (negative values) or molar (positive values); (B) additional examples of differentially expressed genes, some already known from the literature as being expressed in developing teeth, others not predicted from the literature. Separate columns indicate those genes already known as being expressed in developing teeth ("Known in teeth"), and sometimes as being differentially expressed in both tooth types ("Known as differentially expressed"). In all cases, one relevant reference has been selected. For a complete list of differentially expressed genes (with fold changes > 2 or < -2), see Additional file 2.