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Table 3 Overview of genes differentially expressed between lower (mandibular) and upper (maxillary) molars

From: Molars and incisors: show your microarray IDs

A Genes Fold change P-value Known in teeth Known as differentially expressed References
Enriched in lower molars Nefl 6.28 1.68E-08 No No  
Ostn 4.12 6.22E-06 No No  
Nkx2-3 3.97 5.32E-10 Yes Yes [69]
Tnnt1 3.19 9.08E-08 No No  
Chrna1 3.04 4.47E-06 No No  
Nefm 3.01 1.54E-08 No No  
Myf5 2.94 7.14E-09 No No  
Klhl31 2.92 4.58E-08 No No  
Plac8 2.91 4.68E-09 No No  
Synpo2l 2.87 3.71E-08 No No  
Enriched in upper molars Naalad2 -2.21 6.48E-09 No No  
Kcnb2 -2.29 1.42E-06 No No  
Itga8 -2.34 4.57E-08 No No  
Atp6 -2.84 1.26E-07 No No  
Alx1 -2.85 2.50E-08 No No  
Gabrb2 -3.06 7.32E-09 No No  
Ndst4 -3.48 4.21E-06 No No  
Pla2g7 -3.99 1.34E-08 No No  
Nmbr -4.25 5.52E-10 No No  
Cyp26c1 -5.04 1.74E-10 Yes No [63]
Enriched in lower molars Dlx6 2.76 1.01E-07 Yes No [70]
Gsc 2.21 1.31E-06 Yes No [71]
Pitx1 2.19 6.09E-08 Yes Yes [19]
Prkcq 2.15 6.71E-07 Yes No [61]
Barx2 2.00 3.47E-07 Yes No [72]
Lhx9 1.86 1.12E-06 No No  
Nkx6-1 1.62 4.43E-08 No No  
Lhx1 1.48 2.87E-06 No No  
Msx3 1.43 8.33E-07 No No  
Nkx2-1 1.40 1.84E-06 No No  
Enriched in upper molars Gli1 -1.34 6.21E-07 Yes No [73]
Dlx1 -1.36 2.18E-06 Yes No [71]
Lhx8 -1.48 2.57E-06 Yes No [51]
  1. As for Table 1, this table is organized in two sections showing: (A) The top ten genes showing highest expression in mandibular (lower) molars (positive values) or maxillary (upper) molars (negative values); (B) examples of genes known from the literature as being expressed in developing teeth, only a minority being described as differentially expressed in upper vs. lower molars ("Known as differentially expressed"), or not described in the literature. Among the top ten genes, only two were known to be expressed in developing teeth. For a complete list of differentially expressed genes (with fold changes > 2 or < -2), see Additional file 4.