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Table 1 The list of ICG parameters

From: Comparing impedance cardiography and echocardiography in the assessment of reduced left ventricular systolic function

ICG parameter   Unit
Heart rate HR 1/min
Heart period HPD ms
Stroke volume SV ml
Stroke index SI ml/min
Cardiac output CO l/min
Cardiac index CI l/min/m2
Left cardiac work LCW kg · m
Left cardiac work index LCWI kg · m/m2
Velocity index VI 1/1000/s
Accelaration index ACI 1/100/s2
Heather index HI Ohm/s2
Thoracic fluid containce TFC 1/kOhm
Pre-ejection period PEP ms
Left ventricular ejection time LVET ms
Systolic time ratio STR  
Ejection time ratio ETR %
Systolic vascular resistance SVR ml/min
Systolic vascular resistance index SVRI ml/min/m2