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Table 1 The following questions and response options were included in the questionnaire

From: Awareness of headache and of national headache society activities among primary care physicians – a qualitative study

1. “How often do you see patients presenting with (any type of) headache as the main symptom?”
once a day > once a week once a week once in three months never don’t know
2. “Do you actively ask about headache?”
yes rarely never   
3. “Do you treat patients with primary headache disorders?”
yes no don’t know   
4. “Do you refer headache patients to a specialist?”
always yes, if treatment is not effective rarely don’t know  
5. “Do you refer patients directly for MRI?”
yes no don’t know   
6. “Do you know the Swiss Headache Society?”
yes no don’t know   
7. “Do you know about the following activities of the SHS?”
treatment guidelines national meeting homepage GP teaching afternoon  
8. “Are you interested in education offered by the SHS?”
yes no don’t know   
9. “Which type of education would you be interested in?”
headache refreshers practice-based workshops treatment of special headaches discussion of own cases other
10. “Are you interested in receiving information on headache from the Swiss Headache Society by email?”
yes no don’t know   
11. “Are you interested in a service kit containing treatment guidelines and flyers for patients?”
yes, by postmail yes, by e-mail no don’t know  
  1. Fixed response categories were provided, always including the option “don’t know / no statement.”