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Figure 1

From: The PinkThing for analysing ChIP profiling data in their genomic context

Figure 1

PinkThing produces graphical output along with the statistics of the genomic distributions. Three plots and a table produced by the PinkThing comparison of Cohesin sites (background) versus Cohesin-no-CTCF sites (foreground). a) PinkThing pie chart showing the overall genomic distribution of cohesin-no-CTCF sites directly upon upload. b) The output of the PinkThing comparison illustrating the category sizes by ratio of foreground over background, indicating significance by stars as indicated in Figure 1c. c) Table of statistics for Cohesin-no-CTCF (foreground) versus all Cohesin sites (background) with the G-test p-value for each genomic category. d) The barplot of category frequencies of the compared distributions, showing the relative frequencies side-by-side. For this analysis the ‘near’-limit was set to 1000bp and the ‘far’ limit to 3000 bp.

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