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Table 1 Accession numbers and taxonomic sampling used in this study

From: Phylogeny and chronology of the major lineages of New World hystricognath rodents: insights on the biogeography of the Eocene/Oligocene arrival of mammals in South America

Terminal Species ADRA2B IRBP vWF GHR BRCA1 RAG1 Mitochondrial genome Cox1 Cytb
Mus Mus musculus NM_009633 AF126968 U27810 BC075720 NM_009764 NM_009019 NC_005089   
Rattus Rattus norvegicus M32061 AJ429134 AJ224673 NM_017094 NM_012514 NM_053468 NC_001665   
Nannospalax Nannospalax ehrenbergi AM407905 JN414825 FM162064 AY294898 JN414208 JN414978 NC_005315   
Jaculus Jaculus jaculus AM407906 AM407907 AJ297765 AF332040 JN414198 JN414964 NC_005314   
Glis Glis glis AJ427258 AJ427235 AJ224668 AM407916   AB253971 NC_001892   
Sciurus Sciurus sp.1 AJ315942 AY227620 AM407918 AF332032 AF332044 AY241477 NC_002369   
Castor Castor Canadensis AJ427260 AJ427239 AJ427228 AF332026 AF540622 JN414956 NC_015108   
Anomalurus Anomalurus sp.2 AJ427259 AJ427230 AJ427229 AM407919 JN414191 JN414951 NC_009056   
Laonastes Laonastes aenigmamus AM407899 AM407903 AM407897 AM407901 JN414207 JN414977    AM407933
Thryonomys Thryonomys swinderianus AJ427267 AJ427243 AJ224674 AF332035 JN414206 JN414976 NC_002658   
Petromus Petromus typicus AJ427268 AJ427244 AJ251144 JN414761 AF540639 JN414974    DQ139935
Bathyergus Bathyergus suillus AJ427252 AJ427251 AJ238384 FJ855201      AY425913
Heterocephalus Heterocephalus glaber AM407924 AM407925 AJ251134 AF332034 AF540630 JN414953 NC_015112   
Hystricidae Trichys sp./Hystrix sp.3 AJ427266 AJ427245 AJ224675 AF332033 AF540631 JN414970   JN714184 FJ472577
Chinchilla Chinchilla lanigera AJ427271 AJ427246 AJ238385 AF332036 JN414194 JN414958 JX312692   
Dinomys Dinomys branickii AM050859 AM050862 AJ251145 AF332038 DQ354450 JN414963    AY254884
Cavia Cavia porcellus AJ271336 AJ427248 AJ224663 AF238492   NT_176327 NC_000884   
Cuniculus Cuniculus sp.4 AM050861 AM050864 AJ251136 AF433928 JN414190 JN414950   JF459149 AY206573
Trinomys Trinomys sp.5    AJ849316    EU313337 JX312694   
Proechimys Proechimys sp.6    AJ251139 AF332039   EU313332 HM544128   
Capromys Capromys pilorides AM407926 AM407927 AJ251142 AF433949 JN414192 JN414954    AF422915
Tympanoctomys Tympanoctomys barrera     AF520655    HM544132   
Spalacopus Spalacopus cyanus     AF520653    HM544133   
Octodon Octodon sp.7 AM050860 AM050863 AJ238386 AM407928    HM544134   
Ctenomys Ctenomys sp.8 JN413825 JN414816 JN415078 JN414757 JN414196 JN414961 HM544130   
Sphiggurus Sphiggurus sp.9    AJ224664 FJ855212    JX312693   
Erethizon Erethizon dorsatum AJ427270 AJ427249 AJ251135 AF332037 DQ354451 JN414966   JF456594 FJ357428
Oryctolagus Oryctolagus cuniculus Y15946 Z11812 U31618 AF015252 DQ354452 M77666 NC_001913   
Lepus Lepus sp.10 AJ427254 AJ427250 AJ224669 AF332016 AF284005   NC_004028   
Ochotona Ochotona princeps AJ427253 AY057832 AJ224672 AF332015 AF540635 JQ073183 NC_005358   
Homo Homo sapiens AF316895 J05253 M25851 X06562 NM_007294 NG_007528 NC_012920   
Macaca Macaca mulatta AM050852 AJ313476 AJ410302 U84589 NM_001114949 NW_001100721 NC_005943   
  1. Table Footnote: (1) Sciurus vulgaris (adra2b, IRBP), Sciurus aestuans (vWF), Sciurus niger (GHR, BRCA1), Sciurus ignitus (RAG1), Sciurus vulgaris (mitochondrion, complete genome); (2) Anomalurus sp. (A2AB, irbp, vWF, ghr), Anomalurus beecrofti (BRCA1, RAG1), Anomalurus sp. (mitochondrion, complete genome); (3) Trichys fasciculata (A2AB, irbp, VWF), Hystrix africaeaustralis (GHR, BRCA1), Hystrix brachyurus (RAG1), Hystrix indica (CO1) Hystrix cristata (cytb); (4) Cuniculus paca (adra2b, irbp, vWF, GHR), Cuniculus taczanowskii (BRCA1, RAG1), Cuniculus paca (CO1, cytb); (5) Trinomys paratus (vWF), Trinomys iheringi (RAG1), Trinomys dimidiatus (mitochondrion, complete genome); (6) Proechimys oris (vWF), Proechimys longicaudatus (GHR), Proechimys simonsi (RAG1), Proechimys longicaudatus (mitochondrion, complete genome); (7) Octodon lunatus (adra2b, irbp, vWF), Octodon degus (ghr, mitochondrion, complete genome); (8) Ctenomys boliviensis (adra2b, IRBP, vWF, GHR, BRCA1, RAG1), Ctenomys rionegrensis (mitochondrion, partial genome); (9) Sphiggurus melanurus (vWF), Sphiggurus mexicanus (GHR), Sphiggurus insidiosus (mitochondrion, complete genome); (10) Lepus crawshayi (A2AB, irbp, vWF), Lepus capensis (GHR, BRCA1), Lepus europaeus (mitochondrion, complete genome).