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Figure 1

From: Single-platform, volumetric, CD45-assisted pan-leucogating flow cytometry for CD4 T lymphocytes monitoring of HIV infection according to the WHO recommendations for resource-constrained settings

Figure 1

Gating strategy for volumetric, CD45-assisted panleucogating Auto40 flow cytometer (Apogee Flow Systems Ltd, Hemel Hempstead, UK), as depicted from typical figure provided by “Auto-Lymphocyte” software (Apogee Flow Systems Ltd) for the counting of CD4 T lymphocytes: A. CD45-PE-Dyomics649 x axis-light scatter dot plot scattergram; the primary CD45 gating differentiates clearly the CD45-positive lymphocytes and monocyte populations, and the population of polymorphonuclear cells; B. CD4-PE x axis-light scatter dot plot scattergram; double secondary CD4 gatings allow counting independently the population of CD4-negative lymphocyte and CD4-positive lymphocytes; C. Representative figure depicted by the software “Auto-Lymphocyte” in one blood sample taken as example: (a) CD45 (FL2)xside scatter (LS2) dot plot scattergram; (b) CD4 (FL1)xside scatter (LS2) dot plot scattergram; (c) Distribution of bright CD45 events during blood sample counting; (d) Distribution of bright CD4 events within the primary CD45 gating scattergram, during blood sample counting.

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