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Figure 2

From: ENU-mutagenesis mice with a non-synonymous mutation in Grin1 exhibit abnormal anxiety-like behaviors, impaired fear memory, and decreased acoustic startle response

Figure 2

(A) Increased locomotor activity of Grin1Rgsc174/Grin1+mice. In the open field test, the total traveled distance was significantly increased in Grin1Rgsc174/Grin1+ mice. (B) There was no significant difference between the genotypes in the time spent in the center of the compartment. (C) Significant increases were detected in the vertical activity during the earlier portion (0–30 min) of the trials, but not over the total time or in during the later portion (30–120 min) of the trials. (D) Stereotypy was significantly increased in Grin1Rgsc174/Grin1+ mice. The p values indicate the effect of genotype in two-way repeated measures ANOVA.

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