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Figure 1

From: Horizontal transfer of bacterial polyphosphate kinases to eukaryotes: implications for the ice age and land colonisation

Figure 1

TCoffee analysis of bacteria type PPK2 enzymes. Pseudomonas aeruginosa accession (GenBank AAN87337) compared to Interpro: A8DVD6 (Nematostella vectensis) and Interpro: Q015Y3 (Ostreococcus tauri).Square symbols ■ indicate putative P loop (ATP/GTP binding site motif [10])/Walker A motif with Walker B and lid modules indicated [11]. Other residues (*) perfectly conserved (cons), (:) very similar, (.) similar. Warmer colours (red and orange) show best – matching regions through to cooler colours (green, blue) with poorer alignment.

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