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Figure 4

From: Bovine and porcine heparins: different drugs with similar effects on human haemodialysis

Figure 4

Comparison between the effects of bovine (in blue) and porcine heparin (in red) in the bleeding time (A), number of use of the dialyzer (B) and hematocrit, leukocytes and platelet counts (C). (A) Bleeding time after dialysis session, as mean ± SD. (B) The number of uses of the dialyzers per patient, as median (CI 95%) and mean (□). Each patient is allowed to use the dialyzer for a maximum of 20 sessions. However, at the end of each session the internal diameter of the dialyzer fibers is check. If it dropped to below 80%, the dialyzer is replaced. (C) Hematocrit (), leukocytes (□) and platelet (▲) counts along dialysis sessions. The results are expressed as ratios (mean ± SE) between values observed at 120 or 240 min vs. values before the sessions. Leukocytes and platelet ratios were also corrected based on the hematocrit ratios to avoid the effect of hemoconcentrations (P<0.01) observed during dialysis session.

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