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Table 7 Antibiotics used

From: “Affect of anaerobiosis on the antibiotic susceptibility of H. influenzae

Antibiotic Catalog number Lot number Vendor
Ampicillin BP1760-25 965826 Fisher Scientific
Cefaclor SI-114 8A XY5511 AMX Eli Lilly
Cefuroxime C4417-1G 110M0794V Sigma
Chloramphenicol C-0378 44H0560 Sigma
Ciprofloxacin HCl 86393-320 9867 Miles laboratories
Clarithromycin C4502 n/a LKT Laboratories
Erythromycin 329815 3415B88 EMD Millipore
Kanamycin Sulfate K4000-36 n/a Sigma
Rifampicin 557303 644293 Calbiochem
Spectinomycin Sulfate S-9137 81 K12755 Sigma
Tetracycline HCl T-3383-25 20 K1279 Sigma
Tobramycin T-1783 124 K0948 Sigma
Trimethoprim T-7883 27H1015 Sigma