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Table 3 Women’s beliefs about safe and effective management of weight gain in pregnancy

From: Pregnant women’s knowledge of weight, weight gain, complications of obesity and weight management strategies in pregnancy

  Expert opinion Number (%) of participants answering correctly
Dietary behavior
Skip meals No 348 (98.6)
Eat for two No 309 (87.5)
Remove fat from meat Yes 311 (88.1)
Finish everything on your plate No 309 (87.5)
Stop eating after eight pm at night No 222 (62.9)
Dietary approaches
Choose low fat milk and dairy products Yes 233 (66.0)
Eat less cakes and chocolate Yes 339 (96.0)
Eat a gluten free diet No 278 (78.8)
Drink less soft drink Yes 350 (99.2)
Drink more fruit juice No 239 (67.7)
Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables Yes 353 (100)
Eat less take away foods Yes 352 (99.7)
Eat less fried foods Yes 349 (98.9)
Eat an Atkins/low carbohydrate diet No 298 (84.4)
Drink soy milk instead of cows milk No 298 (84.4)
Eat an organic diet No 181 (51.2)
Exercise 3 or more times each week Yes 332 (94.1)
Avoid exercise No 352 (99.7)
  1. Total 353 women.
  2. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) guidelines for weight gain in pregnancy[12] and the Australian guide to healthy eating[13] formed the basis of “expert opinion”.