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Table 7 Combination of the gene variants of CCR5 promoter A/G and CCR2 64I and HIV serostatus in a population of west Cameroon

From: Distribution of CCR5-Delta32, CCR5 promoter 59029 A/G, CCR2-64I and SDF1-3A genetic polymorphisms in HIV-1 infected and uninfected patients in the West Region of Cameroon

CCR5 P* CCR2-64I HIV Seropositive (n=32) HIV Seronegative (n=147) P-value
Wt (A/A) Wt (G/G) 4 16 0.760
Mt (G/G) Wt (G/G) 9 24 0.134
Wt (A/A) Mt (A/A)    
Hetero (A/G) Mt (A/A) 1 4 1
Mt (G/G) Hetero (G/A)    
Hetero (A/G) Wt (G/G) 12 70 0.305
Wt (A/A) Hetero (G/A)    
Mt (G/G) Mt (A/A) 0 0  
Hetero (A/G) Hetero (G/A) 6 33 0.814
  1. *. Promoter.
  2. Wt: wild type, Mt: mutant, Hetero: heterozygote.