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Figure 5

From: Extracranial glioblastoma with synchronous metastases in the lung, pulmonary lymph nodes, vertebrae, cervical muscles and epidural space in a young patient - case report and review of literature

Figure 5

Staging with CT of the thorax and spinal MRI. Contrast enhanced CT of the thorax (a-d) revealed rapidly growing (a in 05/2011, b-d in 08/2011) hilar (white arrow in a and b) and infracarinal (black arrow in a,b,d) lymph node metastases with infiltration of the right pulmonary artery. Additionally thromboembolic material was found in branches of both pulmonary arteries (arrow in c). MRI of the thoracic (e) and lumbar (f) spine showed multifocal osseous metastases (arrows).

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