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Figure 5

From: A novel angiomatoid epithelioid sarcoma cell line, Asra-EPS, forming tumors with large cysts containing hemorrhagic fluid in vivo

Figure 5

Microscopic features of Asra-EPS tumors formed in nude mice. (A- C) Histological appearance of Asra-EPS tumors (H& E). Histological features of Asra-EPS tumors were almost the same as those of the original tumor. (D- M) Immunohistochemical reactivity in Asra-EPS tumors. Tumor cells were diffusely positive for AE1/AE3 (D), CAM5.2 (E), EMA (F), vimentin (G), CD31 (H), CD34 (I) and CA 125 (J), but negative for INI-1 (K) and factor VIII-related antigen (L). Positive rate of Ki-67 was approximately 50% (M). Scale bars: 100μm.

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