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Table 2 Comparison of patients with LMNA gene mutation and stroke

From: Cardioembolic stroke related to limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 1B

Author Age of stroke Stroke signs Stroke location Arrhythmia during all follow-up Pacemaker insertion and age Phenotype Mutation of LMNA gene
Onishi et al., 2002 [11] 45 Right hemiplegia N/A AF, AVB, VPC Pacemaker, 45 AD-EDMD p.Ser303Pro (c.907 T>C)
Boriani et al., 2003 [4] 26 Hemiplegia N/A AF, AFL, AVB VVI, 30 AD-EDMD p.Arg386Lys (c.1157 G>A)
57 and 70 N/A N/A AF, AVB, SAB VVI, 55 AD-EDMD p.Arg527Pro (c.1580 G>C)
43 and 44 Ataxia Cerebellum AF, AVB VVI, 41 AD-EDMD p.Arg377Leu (c.1130 G>T)
Liang et al., 2007 [12] 45 Conscious loss Pons VPC, VT, VF nil AD-EDMD p.Trp520Gly (c.1558 T>G)
Redondo-Vergé et al., 2011 [13] 25 Aphasia, right hemiparesis Left MCA AF, AVB ICD, 25 AD-EDMD p.Arg89Leu (c.266 G>T)
Tanaka et al., 2012 [14] 12 Dysarthria, left hemiparesis Right MCA AF nil AD-EDMD N/A
Present case 39 Aphasia, right hemiplegia Left MCA AF, RBBB, AVB VVI, 37 LGMD1B c.IVS2+1 G>A (c.513+1 G>A)
  1. AF atrial fibrillation, AVB atrioventricular block, ICD implantable cardioverter defibrillator, MCA middle cerebral artery, N/A non available, SAB sinoatrial block, VPC ventricular paroxysmal contraction, VT ventricular tachycardia.