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Figure 2

From: Cloning and biochemical characterization of an endo-1,4-β-mannanase from the coffee berry borer hypothenemus hampei

Figure 2

SDS- page, native- page and zymogram of the purified rHhMan. A) SDS-PAGE. M: Broad Range weight marker, C: Negative control for expression, I: Unpurified samples. FT: Fraction not retained in the matrix. W1: wash 1, W2: wash 2, e1: purified rHhMan. B) NATIVE- PAGE AND ZYMOGRAM Samples of pure protein (1, 1.5 y 2μg) were loaded on two native gels (12%). Left panel in absence of guar gum, the gel was stained with Coomassie brilliant blue R250 to visualize the band corresponing to mannanase (35.5 kDa). Right panel in the presence of 1% guar gum, the gel was stained with Congo red to verify the mannanase activity.

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