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Table 1 Completion rates for recommended vaccinations and post-vaccination serological testing

From: Management of infants born to women infected with hepatitis B in the military healthcare system

Population n Completed vaccination series Post vaccination serology
Percentage P value Percentage P value
Maternal HBsAg + infants 51 92%   10%  
Maternal HBsAg + infants with Ped ID referral 9 89% (0.552) 33% (0.033)
Maternal HBsAg + infants whose exposure was documented* 24 92% (1.00) 13% (0.656)
Maternal HBsAg+ / HBeAg + infants 9 89% (0.552) 33% (0.033)
Maternal HBsAg+ / HBeAg + infants with Ped ID referral 4 100% (1.00) 75% (0.048)
Maternal HBsAg+ / HBeAg + infants whose exposure was documented* 7 100% (0.222) 43% (0.500)
  1. * Exposure documented within the infant’s electronic medical record.
  2. Exposure to HBV infection and evaluation by a pediatric infectious disease specialist were compared using two-sided Fisher’s exact test to determine the association with completing the recommended vaccine series and completing follow-up serologic testing. Both patients who were HBeAg positive and all patients (HBsAg positive and HBSAg positive/HBeAg positive) who saw an infectious disease specialist were more likely to have post-vaccination serologies checked. There were no statistically significant differences in vaccination rates amongst the different groups.