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Figure 1

From: Prenatal diagnosis and post-mortem examination in a fetus with thrombocytopenia-absent radius (TAR) syndrome due to compound heterozygosity for a 1q21.1 microdeletion and a RBM8A hypomorphic allele: a case report

Figure 1

Clinical and radiologic findings. Frontal (A) and right lateral (B) views of the fetus showing flat nasal bridge with midly anteverted nares and receding chin. Severely shortened forearms, radial club hands and presence of thumbs. Magnification of the left hand (C) shows camptodactyly with bulbous ends, pterygium between wrist and the rhizomelic segment, and normally placed thumb. Babygram confirms the absence of both radii with hypoplastic and straight ulnae (D). Note normal ossification of the acral segment.

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