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Table 1 Zebrafish mutants used in this study, their phenotype severity and duplicated genes

From: The zebrafish mutants for the V-ATPase subunits d, ac45, E, H and c and their variable pigment dilution phenotype

Mutant name Gene name Protein name Chromosome position Phenotype severity Duplicated gene Protein name Chromosome position
atp6vod1 hi2188bTg atp6v0d1 V0-d1 7:36.5 * - - -
atp6ap1b hi112Tg atp6v0ap1b V0-ac45b 23:26.3 * atp6v0ap1a V0-ac45a 23:4.9
atp6v1e1b hi577aTg atp6v1e1b V1-E1b 4:5.1 ** atp6v1e1a V1-E1a 25:16.9
atp6v1h hi923Tg atp6v1h V1-H 2:30.5 ** - - -
atp6v0ca hi1207Tg atp6v0ca V0-ca 3:15.6 *** atp6v0cb V0-cb 24:40.7
  1. *less severe.
  2. **mildly severe.
  3. ***strongly severe.