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Figure 3

From: snOPY: a small nucleolar RNA orthological gene database

Figure 3

Representative snapshots of snOPY pages. A, search form; B, search results selected with “Homo sapiens”; C, results retrieved from “Locus View” using “RPL4” as a keyword; D, individual snoRNA entry page for H. sapiens SNORD18A, with box motifs and complementary sequences highlighted in red and green, respectively; E, orthologues retrieved using “list” in the human SNORD18A page; F, multiple sequence alignment for SNORD18A; G, snoRNA gene locus of the human RPL4 gene for SNORD18A; H, target RNA and modification sites for human 28S rRNA; I, an orthologue table for four representative species. With the exception of A and C, only a part of each page is shown in the snapshot.

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