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Figure 4

From: Intra-platform comparison of 25-mer and 60-mer oligonucleotide Nimblegen DNA microarrays

Figure 4

Correlations of 25-mers and 60-mers array data with sample-matched qRT-PCR data. Standard deviation of qRT-PCR data were represented as bars. Tested genes were: showing A) no significant (1<log2 ratio>−1) expression values on both arrays (C24118, C3323, C21991, C2533), B) significant expression value (log2 ratio>1 or log2 ratio<−1) on one array, but not the other (C57711), C) significant expression values on both arrays (C602, C822) and D) significant but opposed expression values (C50701, C29324). For 5 out of the 9 tested genes, qRT-PCR determined expression values were not significantly different from those determined by both flax arrays. For three other genes, qRT-PCR expression values were significantly different from 25-mers data, but not from 60-mers data. The qRT-PCR expression value of one gene was significantly different from 60-mers data but not from 25-mers data.

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