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Table 1 Actual results of whole robotic surgeries in MISC

From: Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: a case series of the first 100 patients -constitutional introduction and implementation on the basis of comprehensive department of minimal invasive surgery center-

  Operative methods No. cases Expense claim No. open conversion
•Urology *RARP 100 Medical insurance 0
*Partial nephrectomy 12 Private expense 0
•Gynecology *Hysterectomy 20 Institutional fund 0
•Respiratory surgery *Lobectomy 18 Private expense 0
*Thymectomy 14 Private expense 0
*Posterior mediastinal tumor resection 1 Institutional fund 0
•Digestive surgery *Gastrectomy 15 Institutional fund 1
*Low anterior resection 8 Institutional fund 0
  Total 188   1