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Table 4 Details of the Taqman gene assays used for qPCR (primer sequences are proprietary)

From: Suitability of endogenous reference genes for gene expression studies with human intraocular endothelial cells

Gene name Assay ID Accession number Probe exon location Amplicon size
18S 4352930E X03205.1 NA 187
ACTB 4333762T NM_001101.2 1 171
B2M 4333766T NM_004048.2 2-3 75
GAPDH 4333764T NM_002046.3 3 122
GUSB 4333767T NM_000181.1 11-12 81
HPRT1 4333768T NM_000194.1 6-7 100
PGK1 4333765T NM_000291.2 4-5 75
PPIA 4333763T NM_021130.3 5 98
RPLP0 4333761T NM_053275.3 3 105