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Table 3 Modelling results of both PLS-DA and TP predictive models before and after peak selection

From: Investigation of serum protein profiles in scrapie infected sheep by means of SELDI-TOF-MS and multivariate data analysis

Data No. of spectra No. of PLS comp R2 (XPLS-DA)% R2 (XTP)% R2(y)% % MCCR (DIVA) SR limit No. of selected peaks
C/S 88 5 70.6 19.7 97.8 80 0.41 10 (26%)
C/Sa 88 4 91.1 48.6 87.8    
  1. No. of spectra: 19 individuals in 3–5 replicates; R2 (XPLS-DA): 70.6% of total variance in X is explained in the PLS-DA model; R2 (XTP): 19.7% of total variance in X is explained in the TP model; R2(y): 97.8% of total variance in the response variable. y. is explained in both models; MCCR: mean correct classification rate; No. of selected peaks with percentage of total peak selection in brackets; C/Sa: modelling results after reduction of subset to only include the selected peaks.