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Figure 3

From: Exploiting EST databases for the development and characterisation of 3425 gene-tagged CISP markers in biofuel crop sugarcane and their transferability in cereals and orphan tropical grasses

Figure 3

Transferability of CISP markers of sugarcane. Transferability of CISP markers in tropical grasses and Avena sativa genotypes. (A) PCR products (3% high quality agarose gel stained with ethidium bromide) with CISP_SC-01 marker with nine accessions of each of Chrysopogon fulvus (Lanes 1–9) and Sehima nervosum (lanes 10–18), five accessions of Heteropogon contortus (lanes 19–23) and seven accessions of Dichanthium annulatum (lanes 24–30). (B) PCR products with six genotypes of Avena sativa with CISP_SC-05 (lanes 1–6), CISP_SC-13 (lanes 7–12) CISP_SC-19 (lanes 13–18). M = 100 bp DNA ladder as molecular marker.

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