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Table 1 List of genotypes belonging to Saccharum complex, tropical grasses and oat used in the present study

From: Exploiting EST databases for the development and characterisation of 3425 gene-tagged CISP markers in biofuel crop sugarcane and their transferability in cereals and orphan tropical grasses

Sl. No. Genus and species Clones/ accessions/ varieties Agronomical traits Sl. No. Genus and species Clones/ accessions/ varieties Agronomical traits
Commercial sugarcane varieties and Saccharum species 29 Heteropogon contortus IG-HC-1 MT,MTi,MG
1 Saccharum spp. hybrids CoLk8102 MLM,MS,MRRR 30 Heteropogon contortus IG-HC-2 T,HTi,VGG
2 Saccharum spp. hybrids CoLk8001 EM,HS,MRRR 31 Heteropogon contortus IG-HC-3 T,MTi,GG
3 Saccharum spp. hybrids CoS767 MLM,HS, FT 32 Heteropogon contortus IG-HC-4 T,MTi,GG
4 Saccharum spp. hybrids CoLk9606 MLM,HS,MRRR 33 Heteropogon contortus IG-HC-5 MT,LTi,PG
5 Saccharum spp. hybrids CoLk9617 MLM,MS,RRS 34 Dichanthium annulatum IG97-234 MT,HTi,,MG
6 Saccharum spp. hybrids CoS95255 EM,MS,MRRR 35 Dichanthium annulatum IG97-24 MT,MTi,PG
7 Saccharum spp. hybrids BO91 MLM,MS,FT 36 Dichanthium annulatum IG95-30 MT,HTi,GG
8 Saccharum spp. hybrids CoJ64 EM,HS,MRRR 37 Dichanthium annulatum IG97-192 MT,MTi,GG
9 Saccharum spp. hybrids Co1148 MLM,HS,HTV 38 Dichanthium annulatum IG97-247 MT,HTi,MG
10 Saccharum spp. hybrids CoS97264 MLM,MS,RRR 39 Dichanthium annulatum IG97-241 T,HTi,GG
11 Saccharum spp. hybrids CoSe92423 MLM,MS,MRRR 40 Dichanthium annulatum IG95-25 MT,LTi,PG
12 Saccharum spp. hybrids CoLk94184 EM,HS,FT,MRRR 41 Sehima nervosum IG-SN-1 T,HTi,VGG
13 Saccharum spontaneum SES34 VLS,AST,PDR 42 Sehima nervosum IG-SN-2 T,HTi,GG
14 Saccharum spontaneum Coimbatore VLS,AST,PDR 43 Sehima nervosum IG-SN-3 T,LTi,MG
15 Saccharum barberi Saretha EM,MS,TnS,AST 44 Sehima nervosum IG-SN-4 T,MTi,MG
16 Saccharum officinarum 28NG210 EM,HS,TkS,PDS 45 Sehima nervosum IG-SN-5 VT,VHTi,VGG
17 Saccharum sinense Kavenzire EM,LMS,TnS 46 Sehima nervosum IG-SN-6 T,LTi,GG
18 Saccharum sinense Malani EM,LMS,TnS 47 Sehima nervosum IG-SN-7 MT,VHTi,GG
19 Saccharum spp. hybrids BO138 MLM,HS,FT,MRRR 48 Sehima nervosum IG-SN-8 T,HTi,GG
Tropical grasses     49 Sehima nervosum IG-SN-9 MT,HTi,GG
20 Chrysopogon fulvus IG-CF-1 T,MTi,GG Oat genotypes    
21 Chrysopogon fulvus IG-CF-2 VT,MTi,GG 50 Avena sativa JHO 822 VT,MTi,MFl
22 Chrysopogon fulvus IG-CF-3 T,GTi,MG 51 Avena sativa JHO 99-2 T,HTi,MFl
23 Chrysopogon fulvus IG-CF-4 MT,GTi,MG 52 Avena sativa NGB 6370 MT,HTi,LFl,L
24 Chrysopogon fulvus IG-CF-5 MT,MTi,MG 53 Avena sativa JHO 851 MT,HTi,MG,MFl,L
25 Chrysopogon fulvus IG-CF-6 MT,GTi,GG 54 Avena sativa NGB 4871 MT,GTi,LFl,L
26 Chrysopogon fulvus IG-CF-7 T,GTi,VGG 55 Avena sativa NGB 4462 MT,MTi,LFl,L
27 Chrysopogon fulvus IG-CF-8 MT,MTi,GG     
28 Chrysopogon fulvus IG-CF-9 MT,MTi,MG     
  1. Commercial sugarcane varieties and Saccharum species.
  2. EM = Early maturing; MLM-Mid-late maturing, HS = High sugar; MS = Medium sugar; LMS = Low-medium sugar; VLS = Very low sugar; FT = Flood tolerant; RRR = Red-rot resistant; MRRR = Moderate red-rot resistant; RRS = Red-rot susceptible; AST = Abiotic stress tolerant; TkS = Thick stalk; TnS = Thin stalk; PDS = Pest and disease susceptible; PDR = Pest and disease resistant; HTV = High tillering variety.
  3. Tropical grasses and Oat genotypes.
  4. T = Tall; MT = Medium tall; VT = Very tall; LTI = Low tillering; MTI = Medium tillering; HTI = High tillering; VHTI = Very high tillering; GG = Good growth; MG = Medium growth; VGG = Very good growth; MFl = Medium flowering; LFl = Late flowering; L = Leafy.