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Table 3 RT-PCR detection of CBSV and UCBSV in leaves of double graft challenged cassava plants of cultivar 60444

From: Efficient transmission of Cassava brown streak disease viral pathogens by chip bud grafting

  Number of plants tested positive for both viruses/total grafted
Treatments Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Total (%)
1. UCBSV-CBSV 4/5 4/7 8/12 (66.6)
2. UCBSV/CBSV 5/5 7/7 12/12 (100)
3. CBSV/UCBSV 1/5 1/7 2/12 (16.6)
  1. Axillary buds were grafted onto healthy plants of cultivar 60444 either sequentially or at the same time with the two bud inoculum sources as follows: UCBSV and CBSV at the same time (Treatment 1), UCBSV first followed 10–14 days later by CBSV (Treatment 2), and CBSV first followed 10–14 days later by UCBSV (Treatment 3). Data is shown for leaves sampled 7–9 weeks after the second graft inoculation.