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Figure 3

From: Evaluation of suitable reference genes for gene expression studies in porcine PBMCs in response to LPS and LTA

Figure 3

Expression levels of a representative subset of nine reference genes. a) B2M, b) BLM, c) GAPDH, d) HPRT1, e) PPIA, f) RPL4, g) SDHA, h) TBP and i) YWHAZ. NC (not-culture): cells which were not used for in vitro culture (in this case, PBMCs isolated from blood was used); Control: cells which were used for in vitro culture but was not stimulated; LPS: lipopolysaccharide; LTA: lipoteichoic acid; combined (LPS + LTA): lipopolysaccharide used together with lipoteichoic acid. Letters indicate a significant difference in average Cq value (P < 0.05).

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