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Table 2 Percentage position on the distance C7 to PSIS

From: Determination of thoracic and lumbar spinal processes by their percentage position between C7 and the PSIS level

Variable Value Lower limit Upper limit
C7-PSIS 100%   
T4 21.0% 20.0% 21.9%
T7 39.0% 38.0% 40.0%
T10 54.1% 52.8% 55.4%
L1 70.9% 69.5% 72.3%
L4 86.1% 85.0% 87.2%
  1. Table2 (values are means, limits are 95% confidence limits according to a t-distribution with 21 degrees of freedom), C7-PSIS = distance between spinal process of the seventh cervical vertebrae and the posterior superior iliac spine, T4, T7, T10, L1 and L4 = spinal process of the fourth, seventh and tenth thoracic, and first and fourth lumbar vertebrae.