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Figure 4

From: Y chromosome of the inbred mouse KK/Ta strain is associated with reduced body size in Y-consomic strains

Figure 4

The effect of Y chromosome substitution on body weight in F 1 -+/+ (left column) and F 1 - Ay/+ (right column) hybrids. The difference between (B6.Cg-Ay × DH-Chr YDH) F1 hybrids and others were analyzed and only the difference between (B6.Cg-Ay × DH-Chr YDH) F1 and (B6.Cg-Ay × DH-Chr YKK) F1 hybrids was statistically significant in both +/+ and Ay/+ backgrounds. F1-+/+ hybrids are sorted in descending order from the top to the bottom.

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