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Table 2 Ta VRN-A1 unique interactors from Y2H screen

From: Construction of a high-quality yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) library and its application in identification of interacting proteins with key vernalization regulator TaVRN-A1 in wheat

GenBank no. Occurrence times Name or homologue
HX181945 3 Extended synaptotagmin-1-like protein (C2 superfamily)
AM502892 2 Ta SVP1-2B /Ta VRT2
CJ575323 1 CENP-E like kinetochore protein (KIP superfamily)
AM502888 6 Ta SOC1-3B
CD915716 3 DnaJ homolog subfamily B member (DnaJ_C superfamily)
AM502889 2 Ta SVP1-1A
EU081898 3 WubiG; Polyubiquitin
HX180757 4 Polyubiquitin (UBQ superfamily)
CA596538 1 Predicted RING-H2 finger protein
  1. Note: the underlined appear at least twice in our Y2H screen. ‘A’ and ‘B’ for protein terms are clone names but not for chromosome names.